Sometimes it’s worth testing ads that use entirely new language or that take a radically different approach or appeal.  Yet more often, tweaking an already well-optimized ad presents the surer path to improvement.


But that begs the question: how does one tweak intelligently and methodically?


First, tweaking is not randomly swapping out words and doing a little thesaurus kung-fu, undirected by any hypothesis or aim.  In other words, like all testing, PPC testing ought to involve testing a hypothesis, and not randomly throwing variations into s split test to see what sticks.


And so it is with tweaking, where the object of the tweak is usually to sharpen an appeal that’s already proven to move the needle in previous tests.  A writer can do this by:


  • Repeating the appeal from one line to the next
  • Chosing punchier, more vivid words
  • Swapping out adjectives for better verbs and nouns
  • Chosing words fat with emotional charge and powerful connotations


And in the following ad contest, we see that BoostCTR writer, jeffbaum71 managed to use most, if not all of these techniques in order to improve CTR by 64%.  Take a look for yourself:


PPC ad text tips from the Boosters


Don’t believe me?  Here’s what jeffbaum71 had to say when asked about his writing strategy for this ad:


“My strategy was pretty simple:


  1. Work the theme of the ad group into the ad. I did this by creating the “Maui Rental Car Deals’ headline.
  2. Reinforce the theme in the ad description by reiterating “Maui Rental Car Deals”
  3. Acknowledge the search functionality by starting the ad off with the action word ‘Compare”
    Hit an emotional chord by using the word “Deals” 3 times in the ad. The finishes off with the emotional appeal of “Start Saving”.
  4. Write a strong call to action. The CTA specifically directs the user to take a specific action.”


Notice how he focuses in on strengthening what was already working for the old champion and is selecting words with a very specific strategy, words designed to elecit specific emotional reactions.


This is WORLDS away from just writing up a variation and seeing if it works.  And that difference is what separates professional PPC Ad Writers from your average marketing guy trying to improve his Ad Words performance.


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