As usual, let’s start with the contest — guess the winner, please:


OK, here’s a hint: I almost titled this Win of The Week column “Up, Up, and Away” because the basic premise is that once you find a piece of ad copy that boosts Click-Through, you should continue to test moving that copy higher and higher within the ad (from 2nd line of copy to 1st line and from 1st line to headline). You can also test moving the copy towards the left; at the start of a line or headline rather than at the end.


In the case of this weeks winner, the persuasive bit of copy was $80/hr, and the winning ad moved that from the 1st line of copy to the headline.


And while there are some additional factors in Ad B’s overall success (not bringing up negative possibilities or indicating that the searcher will have to “join” anything), moving the key persuasive copy into the headline was probably THE major factor in its record-breaking results. Because Ad B boosted Click-Through Rates by a truly astonishing 691%!


That’s almost 7 times the CTR as the old ad. Up, up and away, indeed. And that’s why this contest represents our Win of the Week.