Two blocks of color won’t look the same color if we see them against different backgrounds — because the color and it’s background interact. The image on the right illustrates exactly this dynamic: the two small orange blocks are actually the same color, but they look dramatically different don’t they?

Well, words, too, have emotional colors, and their colors also interact off of the emotional content of the words around them. “Ambitious” takes on a decidedly different cast when combined with conniving than with courageous. And this interaction of word color is extremely important to PPC ad writing, as illustrated in the following contest:

“Simple” might have some decidedly negative connotations when combined with Wedding Dresses. But add in the word “Chic” and that changes everything, doesn’t it? Now those dresses aren’t simple as in economically made, but simple as a form of fashionable minimalism.

Granted, this might seem to be a fairly subtle distinction, when looked at intellectually, but the emotional impact is anything but subtle — as is the bottom-line impact on Click-Through Rates, which in this case was a substantial 30% increase.

So take a tip from the Boosters and look past a word’s emotional connotations as an individual word to see how it’s emotional coloring is affected by its neighboring words. Never ignore context and emotion when writing copy of any kind, including PPC ad copy.