A common phrase you’ll hear is that the most expensive __________ is the one that doesn’t do what you need it to after you’ve bought it.

As in:

  • The most expensive billboard is the one nobody sees or looks at.
  • The most expensive mailer envelope is the one that’s thrown in the trash unopened
  • The most expensive barn is the one that leaks on the equipment you bought the barn to keep dry

It’s sort of the flip-side of “the poor man can only afford the very best.”

Why is this important to PPC Ads?

Well, it’s not important to all PPC Ads, but it IS vitally important to those ads that attempt to push savings and discounts, such as these two ads here:

So let me ask you, which of these ads addresses the lingering question of “but will it do what I’m buying a car cover to do in the first place?”

Answer: the same ad that boosted CTR by 133% — Ad A.

Notice that Ad A takes about “100% weatherproof” and “Multi-year Warranty.”

Of course, the same ad also specificies MX-5 in the title, and that’s important, but not quite as important as answering the “but will it actually work” question. Because “saving” 45% on a car cover that doesn’t protect your car isn’t a very good deal, regardless of how “customized” the cover is to your model of sports car.

Are your ads answer the “but will it work” question? Or are you trying to sell the most expensive _______ via PPC.