Look, if YOU don’t think your products are great/cool/unique/high value — than why should anyone else? Why choose you over the other guy if even you’re not confident in your own product?

This is a big element in sales and it’s just as big an element when it comes to PPC Ad Copy, which is one reason unsubstantiated claims actually work to boost CTR — they communicate that all important confidence. Here’s a perfect example

Notice how the winning ad proudly proclaims the client’s horse products to be both “awesome” and “affordable,” while the losing ad mentions nothing about the quality of the products, the size of the selection, or even the pricing.

Is it any wonder that the winning ad boosted Click-Through Rates by 52%?

Granted those claims are unsubstantiated, but they at least communicate the confidence of the seller and make the online store worth checking out in order to substantiate those claims. Without that, what’s the point of clicking on the ad?

So take a tip from the boosters: communicate confidence with your ads. If your stuff is awesome, go ahead and say so. Just make sure to substantiate that claim post-click, once the searcher gets to your landing page