When analyzing PPC Ads, it helps to break them down into their component parts: headline, first and second lines of body copy, and URL, being the major structural components, with things like offers, claims, deal sweeteners, and calls-to-action (CTA) being some of the functional components contained within them.

But when a searcher scans a PPC ad, she doesn’t look at individual components, she sees the whole ad and gets her gut-level impression of “click” or “not what I’m looking for” from that overall, split-second gestalt.

What this means from ad writers is that how the elements interact with each other is just as important as how the different structural and functional elements work on their own. And that’s exactly the dynamic involved in today’s Win of the Week:

Both ads have roughly the same structural and functional components, though the two ads swap the order of their 1st and 2nd lines of body copy, with Ad A starting with the CTA and then stating the benefit, and Ad B starting with the benefit and then moving to the CTA.

But which ad has the better overal coherence and internal consistency?

Well, Ad A won the competition with an astounding 481% increase in Click-Though-Rate. Oh, and Ad A also has the better internal consistency and gestalt from line-to-line. Here’s why:

    1. The “How to” in the headline promises the delivery of instructional material or information vs. the “Qualify Your Leads” of the losing ad which could promise the delivery of a service or lead sorting software product or something other than how-to-type info.
    2. The “Step by Step” description of the guide delivers on the “How to” promise of the headline vs. the “Better Identify Quality Leads” of the losing ad which still leaves people guessing about what exactly is being offered.
    3. The “Learn How to Uncover Best Leads” both reiterates the promises of the headline and first line of copy, while also strengthening them, because uncovering leads implies the ability to see through distracting or misleading “camouflage” rather than simply sorting through obvious or easily identified leads. Compare this to the losing ad which only clarifies exactly what is on offer in the last line and sticks with language that implies a sorting function rather than a proces of discernment.

    So Internal Consistency matters in PPC Ads, just as it does in most other areas of advertising, marketing, and, life in general.