Every week, Boost brings you insights straight from the writers in our Creative Network. Writers share tips on how to inject more creativity into ads, best practices for writing ad copy, and more. This week, Chris Anderson, pen name “cander38,” shares about the danger of letting ad copy go stale.

You’ve put in the time and work, and turned out some great copy that is performing at a high level. Then, without changing a thing, your ad copy performance begins to suffer. What gives?

There’s a high probability that your copy has gone stale.

You might say to yourself, “Stale? But my copy is good!” You have data that shows how well your ads were performing. You were connecting with your target audience, they were clicking and (best of all) they were taking action on your landing page. It has to be something else, right? Before you downplay the reality of stale ads, I have two words for you: Coca­Cola and Apple.

How many unique TV, print, or digital advertisements do we see from these two companies on an annual basis? A lot. These iconic brands know the importance of fresh creative, and its impact on connecting their brand to their audience and how that leads to actionable results. If you send someone the same message through any medium over and over, they are going to tune you out and you’ll fade into the background. These are marketing truths.

Alright, so you get it. Ads do go stale, but what should I do about it? Here are a few quick tips to help:

  • Rotate ads to prevent your audience from seeing the same message over and over again.
  • Take advantage of holiday promotions and seasonal messaging.
  • Remove low performers and replace with fresh copy regularly.
  • Mix ­up your message and continually test with a fresh perspective.

Check out the below infographic for a mini-guide to avoid stale ad copy.

Avoid Stale PPC Infographic (1)

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