Normal and Average should be synonymous. And yet itʼs a credit to be called normal

and usually something of a dis to be called average


Why is that?


Emotional associations and connotations. What gets called up in the mind of the reader when they see these words. How do they FEEL about the words. This is the stuff that really matters when it comes to persuasive writing — especially in the fine art of PPC Ad Writing.


A good way to examine this is to look at opposites:
• The opposite of Normal is Abnormal, as in “abnormal psychology,” as in neurotic or psychotic or sick. So Normal = Healthy
• The opposite of average is exceptional. So Average = Not Any Better Than Average.


And this kind of analysis applies to phrasing as well as single words. In fact, figuring this stuff out is a big part of what makes “tweaking” successful PPC Ads payoff, frequently by producing big wins through seemingly small changes in wording and language.


Want to see some examples? Here are two recent winning contests from this last week: In both cases “Get matched” lost out to more active phrasing, either “Find the Perfect College Program” or “Search Schools & Earn Your Degree.”


So what gives?

A person looking to take control of their life and career by going back to school is in a proactive mindset. They are taking initiative to imprrove their life. So what phrasing is more likely to “fit” their mindset:


a) The more passive “Get matched,” OR

b) The more active and in control “Find,” “Search,” and “Earn”?
No wonder those two wins account for 67% and 36% increases in Click-Through Rate.


So what about you and your PPC Ads? Whenʼs the last time you tested the phrasing and word choice for your best performing ads?