Generally speaking, there are no sure-fire formulas for Ad Word ad creation. A handful or two of rules of thumb can usually be counted on as “plus factors,” but each of those has its exceptions, caveats, and contexts for application. None of them can really be counted on as always-works. Except for one guiding principle…




This rule never fails. The ad writer may fail to apply it properly, or may miss-perceive the intent of the searcher or whatnot, but this rule always “works” — always helps push your ad optimization efforts forward.


And this is exactly the rule that Booster, omc, used when creating the following ad improvement responsible for a 137% increase in CTR:


PPC ad comparison


So let’s listen to omc explain her writing thoughts in her own words:


“I used the fact that the number one goal for those [searching on the ‘money for your old cell’ keyword group] is the cash — cash is what they want in return for their phone. So I made sure this was emphasized first and foremost in my ad, starting with the headline and the very first few words of body copy. And since I was already working within the intent of the keywords, I also felt that the ad itself was suitable candidate for keyword insertion within the headline. Finally, instead of focusing on “Get an instant quote” like the old champion, I wanted to imply the instant quote with “see,” while also keeping the call to action as money/cash focused as possible. Together I think the headline, body copy and CTA all worked well in attracting the target market.”


And there you have it. That’s exactly how omc went from “money for used cell phones” to “money for your old cell” and from “get quote” to “get cash” in her ad — by focusing on what really motivated the searcher in the first place.


As omc would tell you, keep your focus on the searcher psychology — want they really want — and you’ll stay on the right track. In fact, you’ll find that picking out just the right words, those words and phrases carrying the most effective connotations and implications, becomes second nature in light of a solid understanding of searcher psychology.


So are you using this one and only “sure-fire” technique when it comes to writing your ads? Or are you just shotgunning any old ad out there and hoping for the best?