Selling is sometimes referred to as a transfer of confidence. The salesperson transfers their confidence and enthusiasm for the product onto the prospect. And if you keep that definition in mind, you’ll have everything you need to pick out which ad is today’s Win of the Week:


Did you see the connection?

Ad A did a better job of transferring confidence, and therefore not only one the contest, but crushed it, boosting CTR by a full 200% And most of it as to do with the phrase “The #1 Plug-In For iTunes.” Really.

I say, really, because most people don’t want to admit that they’re swayed by things like popularity, especially claims of popularity expressed in ads. And yet these “social proof” style credibility builders are incredibly powerful. We really do think more highly of a product that’s #1 in their category. It gives us added confidence that it must be good.

Of course, there’s also the difference between “Fix” and “Fixes,” with “Fix” giving the vibe that the buyer will have to do the fixing with the aid of the software, while “Fixes” implies the software will do it for them automagically — a notion further reinforced by “With Ease!”

But even then, it still comes down to confidence, right? If you prefer Fixes to Fix, it’s because you’ve got more confidence in the software than in your ability to operate it. So now you’ve got a double whammy of confidence transfer causing a tripling of the Click-Through Rate. And that’s why this ad/contest is our Win of the Week.