Today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tip is: keyword stuffing – there’s a time and place.


Generally, keyword stuffing is a frowned upon practice in the world of search. For PPC ads, keyword stuffing crowds the limited space you have for the body of your text and can make your marketing messaging sound unnatural or annoyingly repetitive. However, there are specific instances when repeating a keyword that is used in your headline again in the body text of your ad is beneficial. Here’s a guideline of do’s and don’t’s for repeating keywords in search ad copy:




  •  Repeat your keyword(s) when the terms of purchase are highly qualitative: When it comes to purchasing power, some  consumer decisions weigh heavily on the quality of the product or service. For example, an engagement ring is not only a financial investment, but also a symbolic investment that represents the special bond and love shared between two people. The quality of an engagement ring is meant to last forever. By repeating keywords of products or services that are judged primary on quality, you will bolster the confidence of the consumer and persuade them that choosing your brand is the right choice when the stakes of the purchase are high.


  • Repeat your keyword(s) when it reflects a tribal identity: Are you a die-hard sports fan? Is your team loyalty an essential aspect of who you are? If so, repeating keyword such as a team name, affiliation, school or even a dedicated hobby is something worth repeating in your ad copy. If a searcher is identifies with your good or service or something closely related to it, they’ll associated this enthusiasm with your ad copy.Here’s a recap of today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tips:




  • Repeat your keyword(s) when they belong to a clearly defined label or category: One example of including a keyword more than once in your ad copy is when the product or service the consumer is searching for belongs to a clearly defined category. For example, if a consumer is searching for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, they most likely are already aware of what CRM stands for and that these solutions are used to organized consumer data and manage existing and potential relationships with customers. Therefore, there’s not a need to write out Customer Relationship Management or CRM again in the body of your ad copy. Instead, the second and third line can be better purposed to showcase specific benefits and features that your solutions offers in comparison to your competitors’ solutions such as “1 month free subscription” or “try our free demo today.”


  • Repeat your keyword(s) when your consumer is looking for a specific brand or brand name product: If the search query the consumer is entering already includes your brand name or your specific product name (i.e. Klean Kanteen) repeating your brand name or product is simply a waste of valuable ad space. In this case, the searcher is most likely familiar with your brand and might even be a returning (or loyal) customer. It is much more effective to use the body of your ad copy to reaffirm these positive association that the consumer like as including new product offerings or special limited time deals.


Here’s a recap of today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tips:

  • Do repeat keywords in your ad copy when:
    • Purchasing decisions about your product or services are heavily weighed on quality.
    • Your product, services or brand reflects tribal identity.
  • Do NOT repeat keywords in your ad copy when:
    • Your product or service is part of a clearly defined label or category.
    • Consumers are include your brand or specific product in their search query.


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