Today, Boost Media is excited to introduce our latest weekly blog segment titled Tuesday Ad Text Tips. Our knowledgeable CSM Team provides you with tips, tricks and insights to develop better search ad copy that resonates with your customers.


Today’s tip is: use language that associates recognized symbolism with your product and conveys a positive sensory response in the searcher. Why? Because using sensory and symbolic images evokes an emotional response in the customer and these responses are what make messages resonate with consumers. The average person is exposed to thousands of ads a day, and it is essential to appeal to consumer’s emotions in order to differentiate your brand and products from others.


Since Valentines Day is around the corner, let’s take a look at two paid search ads for V-Day chocolates. Now, majority of searchers are seeking the traditional box of sweet treats to make their loved one feel loved and appreciated. The signature heart shaped-box of chocolates is a widely recognized symbol of Valentines Day itself and of love. In order for your message to drive sales, your ad needs to convey these same associations.


Let’s take a look at two paid search ads that appear when you search “Valentines Chocolates.”



Consider using language that draws on recognized symbols associated you’re your product. For example, using the word ‘heart’ conjures up both the emotion of love and the symbol of Valentines Day itself. These symbolic associations are much more effective than simply promising to save the searcher time and money.  Here, emotional persuasion trumps rational persuasion.


Also, creating imagery in ads is likely to evoke a positive physical and emotional response in a customer. Developing the image of the consumer causing their special someone’s heart to race evokes a positive physical and emotional response of excitement and lust. These responses are a sure way to persuade your V-Day searchers to chose your chocolates.



So, here’s a recap of this Tuesday’s Tips:

  • Use language associated with recognized symbols with your product.
  • Use language that evokes a positive physical and emotion response in your customer.



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