Take a look at these ads and figure out the differences:


So what are the differences?


  • In the Title: use of a ® mark vs. no ® mark
  • 1st Line of Body Copy: Use of an exclamation mark vs. a period
  • Display URL: use of an appended “/free-moving-quote” vs. base URL alone


That’s it! Two changes to punctuation marks and a changed display URL. It’s hard to imagine a more slight form of tweaking than this. So, let me ask you:


1) Which ad produced outperformed the other? And…


2) How much of an increase in CTR did the winning ad create?


Answers: Ad A won, creating a 94% increase — almost doubling the click-through rate. To put this in perspective, BoostCTR almost doubled the performance of this ad by making the kind of changes that I’ve seen clients reject simply because they weren’t “big” or “substantive” enough.


The Takeaways


So what are the takeaways from this?


First, that tweaks are worth testing.


And, second, that you’ll never get around to testing performance-boosting tweaks if you insist that challenger ads be substantially different than your current best performers.