Should you pretty much ALWAYS put keyword terms and phrases in the headline of your PPC Ad? Yup, pretty much.


But is that all there is to it?


Not a chance.


Whenever possible, you should also address the key motivations — the “why” — behind the search, as well as identifying “what.”


Sometimes this means chosing words with the right connotations and shades of meaning, as exemplified by the winning ad from this week’s Win of the Week column.


And sometimes it means throwing in a qualitative term (read adjective) to go along with the noun-phrase used in the search querry. And thatʼs the case with these two recent Cafe Press ads:





Normally, Iʼd say that “Coolest” and “Unique” count as unsubstantiated claims, but they are at least claims addressing the actual buying motivation of the searcher, who is likely looking not just for skiing or fishing t-shirts, but cool and unique skiing and fishing shirts. And hey, itʼs just a PPC Ad, the “substantiation” of those claims can come after the click.


In other words, whose store are you more likely to check out: the store who at least claims to have what youʼre really hoping to find, or the one that just answers: “yeah, we got a few of those on the shelves.”


So when youʼre writing your ads, donʼt stop at keyword phrases; ask yourself what theyʼre really searching for, and see if you canʼt bake the promise of that into your PPC ad copy.