OK, take a look at these competing PPC Ads and take your pick — which ad outperformed the other?


make ppc sale ads attractive

If you picked Ad B, you probably did so because it used the keyword phrase of “bridesmaid dress” in the body copy and, perhaps, because it felt more information packed and stuffed with h”words that sell, such as “Sale” and “Top Deals”


If you picked Ad A, you likely picked it because it read smoother. You might also have picked it with a nod to this post’s title: because it didn’t use the word “sale” in the copy. Either way, you’d be right — Ad A boosted Click-Through Rates by 2/3rds (a more than respectable 67%).


But why would “sale,” which is normally a positive word, drop CTR? Answer: while not every sale is a clearance, most steeply discounted sales are just that. And clearance means the items which never sold, usually because no one wanted them. So how many brides want to have their bridesmaids wearing dresses that nobody else wanted?


In contrast, a constant ability to provide steep discounts means you provide things at wholesale prices, perhaps even very nice things. And that’s exactly the vibe that the winning ad banked on, describing their dresses as “The Perfect Dress for The Perfect Day.”