First, guess which PPC ad won:


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Did you pick your winner?


Well, the real winner was Ad A, which more than doubled CTR, boosting the Click-Through Rate by 168%! So what gives? Why did Ad A perform so much better than Ad B?


Well, in some ways, you could point to proven best practices, like using the “official site” tagline, or adding in the lifetime warranty. And that’s true. But to understand WHY those things had such a large impact on performance, you have to look deeper.


First, you have to understand that “Hyperspin,” which was the search term, refers to a graphic interface engine for a program that lets people play classic arcade games on PCs. So what people really want to know is not just that a given arcade panel CAN work with Hyperspin, but that it has been DESIGNED to work with Hyperspin and is PROVEN to work with Hyperspin.


Once you understand the motivations for the searchers, it becomes very clear WHY “Official Site” and “Lifetime warranty for Hyperspin + {brand of arcade panel]” are so powerful. Because these supposed “value adds” aren’t just nice to haves — they’re must-haves. They’re not the value ads, they’re the real value in the eyes of the searcher. And that’s why this contest represents our Win of the Week.