It is never too late to book that family vacation you always dreamed of as a kid! But with so many different possibilities to choose from and arrangements to plan, where do you begin? This week’s win of the week capitalizes on engaging and thorough keywords related to the customer’s desired vacation! Can you guess which ad is the winner here?



Ad #1


Ad #2


The winner here is Ad #2! Created by Boost Media Writer “aghaf9999,” ad #2 had a 122% increase over ad #1.


The Original Ad

Ad #1 attempts to provide incentive with words like “fun” and “exciting,” but it fails to reach the audiences who have already decided on which park to attend, as seen in ad #2. This ad tries to engage too many different audiences, leaving all searchers lost and without options for what they are truly interested in.


The Winning Ad

Ad #2 does a great job using key “vacation-related” words to entice the searcher to click this ad. No one wants to be lost when trying to plan a vacation, and by providing the opportunity to choose from different options for each component makes the consumer relaxed and comfortable choosing this ad. 


In the End

Keep your ad clear and concise in order for your audience to understand exactly what to expect if they click your ad. Instead of trying to reach multiple audiences, try to target the focus of the ad on just a few.


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