Did you know over half of all Valentine’s Day gifts are purchased within one week of the holiday? According to Bing, mobile is projected to play a large role in the researching and gift-purchasing surrounding Valentine’s Day this year. Twenty-six percent of all smartphone users are projected to use their mobile device to research products and compare prices, while 14% of all smartphone users are predicted to make mobile purchases on gifts such as flowers, candy, and special get-a-ways. While searching for that extravagant gift for your special someone, which ad would catch your heart?


Ad #1

Ad #1

Ad #2

Ad #2






If you chose ad #2, you are correct! Written by Boost Writer “ChrisPascle,” Boost’s ad increased 269% from the original ad#1. Here’s why:


Ad #1:

The original ad copy is generic and not specific enough to cruise deals. This ad could be written about a washing machine or a blender. This product’s ad needs to be able to capture the attention of a traveler. It should paint a picture of an exotic winter get away that the searcher cannot refuse, but ad #1 fails to captivate the searcher to click . 


Ad #2:

Boost’s ad succeeds at capturing the dreams of the searcher with language like “the cruise of a lifetime awaits.” It is emotionally compelling and therefore more likely to be clicked. It paints a picture in the mind of the searcher for a vacation that they cannot refuse, while eluding  to a sense of energy by saying “awaits” so the searcher senses that this vacation is waiting for them and that they should act now. Ad #2 also provides a benefit by stating that you save RIGHT NOW.


In The End:

Smart marketers paint a picture in the mind of the searcher of how they will use or feel when using the advertised product or offer. The more a searcher is able to connect with an ad, the more likely they will click it!



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