This week, we chose a contest from a different kind of Internet retailer- health and beauty care. Yes, it’s true, now you don’t even have to leave the house to get your prescriptions or toilet paper. Don’t you just love technology? Take a look at these two ads for the sleep aid, Melatonin. Which one do you think will get you dreaming faster?



Ad #1 is the winner here. Written by Boost Media writer “lexylex,” this ad’s CTR of 2.7% beat out the originals ads’ rate of 0.7% – a whopping 275% increase. Take a closer look at the two ads to see why.


The Original Ad

This ad starts off with a call to action (CTA), “Buy.” Yes, obviously that is the intention behind the search. The next line conveys a sense of urgency, with “Hurry” and offers free shipping – err, “Ship” with a purchase over $35. The word “hurry” throws us a bit off, since there is no mention of a limited time offer. There aren’t any descriptions of benefits or incentives created around the product, which would be much more effective for a pharmaceutical product. This is a pretty generic ad that could be applied to any sort of supplement.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

The winning ad does a great job of creating incentive. The CTA it uses, “Fall Asleep,” works perfectly here, since it describes why we want the product in the first place. In this case, showcasing the product’s benefits makes this ad so successful. Following up with a second CTA “Shop Online Now,” is also effective, because the sooner you buy the Melatonin, the sooner you’ll be asleep. It’s not rocket science, but thinking critically and using imaginative CTAs is one of the best way to catch people’s attention.


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