If you’re a pet owner, you know that there are certain trials and tribulations that come with the loving licks and purrs. We’ve all had our furry friend chew a shoe or scratch up a sofa at some point. That’s why this pet supplier decided to pet-proof their ads. Take a look at the two PPC ads below. Which one do you think takes the prize for best in show?



Ad #2 is the purebred here. Penned by Boost Media writer, “brescia33″, this ad’s CTR of 3.24%, outdid the original ad’s rate of 0.34%. That’s an astounding 837% increase in CTR. Let’s dig into the two to see why.


The Original Ad

Since you’re shopping for furniture covers, the obvious goal here is to protect your furniture. This ad’s language doesn’t drive action to that goal. It takes a more vague, templated approach. “Browse our catalogue for a wide variety of Pet Furniture Covers available.” “Pet Furniture Covers” could be replaced by anything really. Random, non-related products like roller skates or shower curtains could be easily substituted here. In this one-size-fits-all ad, nothing stimulates intent or emotion. The only phrase that might work is “Wide Variety,” but even that could overwhelm a shopper with too many options. The better your ad can steer a shopper to your advertised product, the better. That’s exactly what the winning ad did.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

This ad was so dramatically successful for a number of other reasons. For one, it is definitely not a template-based approach. Can you think of anything to substitute in for “Pet Furniture Covers?” No other pet-related products would even work here. Secondly, instead of making an outright scolding and defensive claim, this ad takes a positive approach. Instead of saying something berating, such as “protect your furniture from pet damage” or “don’t let claws ruin your sofa,” it takes the attitude of a real pet lover. “Let Your Pets Play, Roll & Scratch,” says it’s ok for pets to do their thing, until the second line reassures you with “These Pet Covers Really Work!” so you don’t have to worry about keeping your precious leather sofa pristine. A win-win situation. In just a short two lines, this ad succeeded in creating a positive approach to an otherwise unfortunate problem that needed solving. And that’s the Boost way.


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