Spring has begun to sprung, which means it’s time to replenish the garden with some new plants and flowers. But a garden doesn’t become lush and beautiful on its own- it takes a little TLC to get there. Similar to ad copy, if you ignore it and forget to trim and prune it periodically, it won’t give you the results and traffic your brand deserves. Take a look at these ads and choose which one you think blossomed this week.



Ad #1


Ad #2






If you chose Ad #2, you are CORRECT! Written by Boost Media Creative Writer “lexylex,” Boost’s ad increase 137% from the original ad. Here’s why:


Ad #1: Original Ad

This is a good ad, but there is still room for improvement. The most successful ads compel a searcher to click with ad copy that is unique to the product. “Great deals” apply to garden supplies just as they do to diamonds, blenders, shoes, ski jackets, and more. Great deals is not a unique benefit to sell garden supplies. Find a benefit that is unique to what you are selling and promote that. Searchers are looking to fill a certain need before making any purchase, so make sure your ad copy can provide a solution.

Ad #2: Boosted Ad

A good ad contains copy that is specific to the product and provides an immediate benefit to the searcher. This ad succeeds at doing both. By clicking this ad it’s clear to the searcher that they can get everything he or she needs to create a beautiful garden. There is a lot that goes into making a garden truly exquisite, so the fact that this vendor has everything is a big relief. In addition, they offer great low prices. If the searcher wasn’t compelled already by the ease of shopping, the savings may push them over the finish line.

In the End:

Consumers are looking for an easy solution, so if your ad copy can provide one than your business is sure to bloom in full.

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