As mentioned in last’s week’s “Win,” summer is rapidly approaching. Promotions for everything from fitness programs to vacation rentals to swim wear are in full force. Take a look at these two ads from a family apparel e-tailer. Note that both ads have the same headline, but their body copies have very different focuses. Which one do you think earned more clicks?



Ad #1 is the winner here. Written by Boost Media writer, “dale00″, this ad’s CTR of 7.88% beat out the original ad’s rate of 2.64%; a whopping 198% difference. This might have been a harder contest to choose from. Neither of these ads are terrible, but both offer very different value propositions. Let’s see why the Boost ad outperformed the other.


The Original Ad

The value proposition around this ad is based on monetary savings. “Savings” and “Save” are mentioned twice. Note that the first word of this ad is “Exclusive,” which holds a lot of appeal. Shoppers are lured by the idea of access into a sort of club that offers special deals to a select few. Members-only sites that require subscriptions (some free and some not) and offer limited time discounts on name brands are becoming very popular. So the choice nature of this ad has a lot of appeal. Not to mention is uses two powerful CTA’s, “Sign Up” and “Save” that urge the shopper to get moving.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

This ad takes an entirely different approach- one that is geared towards the products themselves; swimsuits. Savings are great and all, but what’s the point if they’re selling ugly or cheap suits? This is something you ladies out there can agree with. By starting out with the CTA, “browse,” this takes a softer, no-pressure to buy approach, which is crucial for a product like swimsuits. For ladies, these are particularly difficult to buy online. The addition of “variety” is an added perk, since no two people are alike in shape or taste. Rather than creating a sense of urgency, this ad takes a more gentle approach to shopping by browsing before buying. By tailoring an ad’s approach to the type of product it’s advertising, it’s more likely to perform better- and in this case, nearly 200%.


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