A mind is a terrible thing to waste, or so the age-old saying goes. However due to lack of sleep and hectic schedules, lots of people’s minds are not performing at their best. If you were looking to improve your mental clarity, which of these ads would win your click?



The winner here is Ad #2. Penned by Boost Media writer, “nilbre,” it’s CTR increased 196%! Why such a big increase? Let’s take a closer look.


The Original Ad

With this ad, you know you’re getting a cognitive supplement up front from the company, but it’s unclear what the benefits are. Why would someone want to buy this particular cognitive supplement? While free shipping with purchase is compelling, it certainly wouldn’t be the tipping point for most consumers. Further, it’s unclear exactly what type of supplement is being sold. Is this a powder? A pill? Shoppers want to know what exactly they are purchasing, and also that this supplement will leave them feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and mentally clear – and this ad fails to persuade.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

While the original ad lacked a compelling reason to purchase this cognitive supplement, the winning ad appeals to the emotion of the shopper from the get go. The shopper knows what they are getting up front and who makes it in the headline. The body copy follows with a strong CTA to “enhance mental clarity,” which also contains a key benefit. It immediately follows with a promise that these caplets will help you “think better.” Rather than emphasizing free shipping with purchase, this ad hits on the shopper’s desire to have a sharper mind and cognitive abilities. That’s enough to win over a click.


In the End

Although both of these ads are for the same supplement, you can see how there is vagueness about what is being sold in Ad #1. The original ad takes a softer approach and relies on common ad copy practices like free shipping and parameters, whereas the winning ad is successful because it engages with the shopper emotionally and is packed with persuasive benefits. The shopper know what they are getting when they click on Ad #2, and the promise of mental clarity is motivating. In the end, that’s what wins clicks.



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