“Sun’s out, gun’s out” as the saying goes. But as 21st century citizens become more conscious about the dangers of the sun’s rays, many are starting to rethink the time they spend soaking in that Vitamin D. This is why the Aussies, who live in the centre of the Ozone Hole, prefer to say “Slip, Slop, Slap.” Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, with nearly 5 million people treated each year. With this being drilled into our minds by PSAs on commercials to bus stops, it’s no surprise that the same messaging shows up on your SERP page too. Check out the following two PPC ads below. Which one encourages you to opt for a little more time in the shade?



If you chose the second ad, congrats. You’ll probably never wrinkle a day in your life. Penned by Boost Media writer, ‘dale00,’ the winning ad’s CTR of 2.94% showed a 317% improvement over the company’s original ad. Take a closer look at the two ads to see why.


The Original Ad

The headline of this ad, “UV Protection Umbrellas,” reflects what the consumer is searching for. Given that, the second line describes the characteristics of the product—can we really call them features? Listing umbrella sizes would be more pertinent information under the product’s description on the website rather than the first 95 characters of ad copy. Not terribly compelling, is it? The next line, “Skin Cancer Foundation recommended,” could be incentivizing. People like seeing recommendations, especially from established medical groups. Still, would you buy an umbrella based on that alone? Obviously, most people didn’t think so either.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

Now, the winning ad takes a different approach towards the same goal, which is to have UV protection. By starting out with the CTA “Protect Yourself,” it sets a tone that positions the shopper to be more independent. By taking this action against “Harmful Rays,” it puts the shopper in a more powerful position by taking their health into their own hands. In this case, it really could be a life or death issue when you’re up against cancer. This ad confidently tells the shopper that they have the power to protect themselves from skin cancer, and this brand of umbrellas is going to help them do that. And how exactly are they going to do that? By shopping for that dang umbrella now. Sold. This is another perfect example of how Boost Media’s ads, crafted with creative messaging and compelling CTAs, always perform better.


Photo via Madeline Milani Paddington Market. Sydney, Australia. 

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