Take a look at the two ads below, both for the same car dealership. They both have the same headline and URL, but one significantly surpassed the other in terms of clicks. Can you guess which one took the prize?



The winner here is ad #2. Penned by Boost Media writer “Gokay,” it outperformed the losing ad by an entire 100%, meaning the company’s original ad got 0 clicks. Let’s find out why.


The Original Ad


Keep in mind that the searcher is indeed looking for reviews on specific car and model- a Subaru Forester. This ad captures the searcher’s attention in the headline, but loses its appeal in the rest of the body copy. “Read Used Car Reviews,” it says, “To Help You Find The Right Car.” The right car is a Subaru Forester, so why is there no mention of the car name at all in the body copy? This minute detail ended up making a huge difference. Also, this process of reading and finding sounds like a painful one to us. Sorting through reviews can be daunting, with mileages, colours and details galore to compare. This ad says it can provide you with the reviews you need to find a car, but that’s all. The winning ad delivered a little something extra.


The Boost Creative Network Ad


This ad may not look that different. In fact, it pretty much says the exact same thing, but in a different order. Rather, this ad puts “Finding the Right Subaru Forester” in front of reading reviews, keeping eyes on the prize. It also uses a very important word – “Easy.” These four letters are reassuring, giving the searcher peace of mind that by visiting and reading reviews on this site, (with the added urgency of “Now”) finding the right car will be a smooth process.


In the End

These ads offer the same thing, but one does it in a very different way than the other. They want you to read reviews which will help you find the car. But the way in which these two actions, find and read, are placed within the ad actually made a huge difference to readers. Would it make a difference to you? Share your thoughts below.


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