Ladies, let’s be honest, we all do the same thing—get home from our busy day and immediately take our pants off. We’ve been dealing with our scratchy, tight pants digging all day, and we’ve had enough! It’s time we take a stance, and while there may be nothing we can do about those rules on work attire, there is something we can do about underneath our pesky pants. That’s right. I’m talking panties. It’s time we treat ourselves to a nice pair of comfortable underwear! The best part is taking a stance against discomfort doesn’t have to break the bank. Luckily this underwear retailer believes every girl deserves comfort too, and they’re advertising the best deals.


Check out how they are fighting for the cause below:


The winning ad is #1. Penned by Boost Media writer “chigga102” it increased CTR by 94%. You might not think these ads are so different, but they are. Take a closer look.


The Original Ad

The headline of this ad is peculiar- “Save on Brand Name in 2015.” It’s too general. What exactly are we saving on? Did this retailer start making a new line of luxury men’s socks, and if you’re lucky you too can get them 15% off? Instead of “choosing from hundreds of styles,” brands should provide incentive to click. You know you can get 15% off, but you don’t even know what you are clicking for. Shoppers don’t have time to be scrolling through websites trying to figure out something they want or need. Since the searcher is getting such a broad deal in such a wide time frame, they may be less inclined to click on your ad.


The Winning Ad

This ad does an excellent job of following the searcher’s thought process. The advertiser has the shopper in mind. You instantly see the headline of this ad and think, “I did need new underwear.” Once you keep reading, thinking about how sore you are from your busy day, you are enticed by the idea of being comfortable “all day.” And now you are ready to “shop today” because we all know comfort doesn’t wait for anyone! This ad perfectly directs the searcher in right direct and right lifestyle choice!


Being able to entice the searcher with the right details is crucial in copy. It makes them want to click to learn more. No one likes a pushy person, so we choose an ad that persuades not demands. If you can create the right sense of intrigue, then you can win that magic click.


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