Memorial Day is just a little over a month away. For most Americans, it’s the day we officially welcome summer with a backyard barbecue and a three-day weekend. You might want to start thinking about dusting off your grill and breaking out those shorts and sandals soon. And for all you party planners out there who are getting inspired by mood boards and catalogues, outdoor furniture and accessory promotions are coming in hot just for you. That’s why this home furniture retailer is getting a head start this season. Take a look at these two different ads for outdoor lighting fixtures. Which one gets you most excited to kick back on a patio on a warm summer night?



This should be a no-brainer. Ad number two is the winner here. Crafted by Boost Media writer, “john.whipple,” this ad’s CTR of 1.2%  beat out the original ad’s rate of 0.8% – a difference of 51%. Let’s pull apart these two ads like some blue crabs at a summer picnic to see why.


The Original Ad

This ad doesn’t do much for us. It makes one CTA, and that is to “Shop Outdoor Lights, Lamps & More.” Really knocks your socks off, doesn’t it? The only word that remotely sparks interest is “Exclusively,” which suggests that they offer upscale and stylish lighting that can’t be found anywhere else. Other than that, there’s no description that sparks our imagination or inspires buying incentive.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

Now take a look at this ad. The phrase “Add a Classic Glow,” creates an idea around the product and describes what it can do beyond just emitting light. It stimulates an ambiance, and creates a space that you’d want to hang out in. Here, the benefits of the lamp prove more effective than its features. Then, once you’ve dreamed of what your space could look like in your head, the CTA “Shop… Today,” snaps you back to reality, and urges you to stop waiting and make the purchase.

When it comes to advertising home wares, the more elaborate or creative the description, the better. Because you’re not just being sold a lamp, you’re being sold a vision.


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