As you watch your favorite Spring time series- may that be The Bachelor, American Crime, or the final season of American Idol– you may be left sitting on the edge of your seat each week wondering why that just happened to your favorite character (or contestant) and what is going to happen next. The best shows hook you by leaving you with unanswered questions and wanting more- digital advertising is a little different. Take a look at this week’s competing ads and choose which one you think won.


Ad #1

Ad #1

Ad #2

Ad #2


If you chose Ad #1 you are correct! Created by Boost writer ‘erinesta,’ the winning ad had an action rate of 7.5397%, a 201% increase from Ad #2. Here’s why:


The Original Ad: Ad #2

With a flood of ads on the SERP, it’s easy for a consumer to tune our your ad. Unnecessary abbreviations are risky and can make your brand seem unprofessional, and thus a consumer may not spend any time reading your ad. In this ad, it may not be overtly clear in the mind of the consumer that “vites & suplmts” are in fact vitamins and supplements. In your ad copy, make it easy and clear for the consumer to purchase and know without a doubt what they are buying.


The Winning Ad: Ad #1

Successful ads provide consumers with a complete picture of what they are buying. This ad succeeds in achieving this. The ad lets the consumer know up front that they are getting vitamins. On top of this, the consumer knows the benefits of taking these vitamins – “better nails, skin and hair.” Consumers want to know how a product will benefit them, and this ad states the pros clearly up front. Lastly, this ad emphasizes savings.


In The End:

Life is complicated enough, but your ad copy doesn’t need to be. Communicate the benefits to your customer up front in a clear and concise way so that they don’t have to overanalyze.



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