The days of scrapbooking may be said and done. That’s the winner of this week’s chosen contest is for a special kind of gift—a personalized map. Check out the two ads below. Which one inspires you to take more trips?



Boost Media writer “brazilianone” took a stab at this contest. And with a name like that, you know they must be good at writing travel ads. Ad #1 proves it. With a CTR of 2.0%, it outperformed the original ad’s rate of 0.58% by 247%. Here’s why:

The Original Ad


At first glance, something about this ad seems kind of odd to us. This is an ad for a very personal gift, so it should reflect the specialty of such. Something about just “Add(ing) Names & Words” sounds kind of haphazard. As if it’s that simple and mindless to slap some “Words” onto something that is symbolic of one’s life travels and experiences. On top of that, there seems to be a spelling error or two. “Maps” should be singular, as “Map Gifts.” Also, “Fast ship” looks like they ran out of space when trying to say “Fast Shipping.” Ad copy may be limited in character count like a Tweet, but should never be fragmented and always convey a complete, packaged thought. On top of that, the ad also advertises “Great Personalized Gifts,” which stray away from the advertised product- a map. So we have 3 ideas going on here. They start with the map, then become more generalized, then end with the speedy shipping factor. Not a complete, packaged idea at all.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

This ad, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Instead of conveying 3 totally different ideas into one ad, it creates one, perfect vision. “Bring Your Spirit of Adventure and Passion to Travel Into Your home.” Tell me that’s not emotionally appealing. Also, use of the possessive adjective “Your” makes it hit home that much harder. Because you’re not just bringing any “Spirit of Adventure” and “Passion to Travel” into your home—you’re bring your very own. Now see how a phrase like “Fast Ship” would ruin this perfect, marketable moment? As consumers, we love to make our possessions as uniquely our own as possible, and this ad let’s us know that we can do so. So don’t let irrelevant and generic messaging ruin your moments.


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