Fall is approaching, and many of us turn to social media to document the changing of seasons. Unfortunately, we are too busy drinking our pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking and attending pseudo Oktoberfest events to brush up on our photography skills! But if you are anything like me—you know only your best photos will get you those triple-digit-likes on Instagram. Luckily, thanks to this ad, I can reach the triple digits all in the comfort of my own home. We all know those skills aren’t going to learn themselves, and those pumpkin patches aren’t going to take pictures of themselves either! Check out these two ads below and ask yourself which one makes you want to document your life with the best photos possible?


The winner here is ad #1. Written by Boost Media writer, “bcaraff,” the ad had a 276% difference compared to its original counterpart. Why the difference? Just keep reading to find out.


The Original Ad

While both ads promote the idea of online courses—the first ad does not inform the searcher of the the benefits from these said “online courses.” While the first ad does let searchers know the classes are affordable, it neglects going into specifics about what the benefits of taking an online course really are (customizable and at your pace).


The Boost Creative Network Ad

The second ad does a fantastic job of connecting the tagline to the description. “Online course” means convenience and the best form of convenience is in the comfort of one’s own “home.” The advertisement also lets the searcher know the credibility behind the course with terms like “professional”—so now you can fulfill that life long dream of becoming a professional photographer without leaving your favorite lazy-boy your parents passed down to you!


In the End

This is a classic example of why it’s important to tailor your messaging to the benefits of your service. Just like your potential photography career, if you know you are good at something, you need to run with it. The author knew convenience was key, and by highlighting this concept he was able to win over your click.


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