In today’s society, we all want to look our absolute best. We try hundreds and hundreds of products, never quite knowing which one will give us the results we are looking for. We end up throwing out product after product. Similarly, advertisers waste both time and money with boring ads that just do not work. Rather than trying one ad copy at a time, ad optimization and testing gives advertisers a clear answer to which ad copy delivers the best results. Which ad below would you choose while searching for that perfect product?


Ad #1
Ad #1
Ad #2
Ad #2






Ad #1 is the winner this week! Created by Boost Writer, “Gokay53,” ad #1 had an action rate of 5.7692% compared to the original who only saw a rate of 2.7228%: a 112% increase! Here’s why:


The Original Ad – Ad #2:

Although ad #2 does a good job highlighting the free shipping offer, it lacks connection to the searcher. Buyers are in the market for something that will provide the results they are searching for. Ad #2 lacks the relevance needed to attract the searcher in choosing this ad.


The Boost Network Ad – Ad #1:

Ad #1 attracts the searcher into clicking the ad with the promises of healthier and youger-looking skin. The CTA button clearly uses the term “skincare”- a keyword absent in the losing ad. While the losing ad continues to repeat itself with the use of “buy” and “shop,” Boost’s ad provides a fluid and clear message from start to finish.


In the End:

Although these ads offer the same products, the ways they attract the searcher are quite different. As ads that lack relevance get over-looked, winning ads contain copy that relate to the desires and needs of  the audience, while creating a clear and strong message.


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