Summer is rapidly coming to a close, and for many, vacation will soon be over. It’s that time of year when it seems that as soon as the Fourth of July deals are over, you suddenly get bombarded with back to school commercials and advertisements. Promotional deals on everything from notebooks to tablets are inescapable. Sure you might go online to order your supplies, but now you can make a bit of money instead of just spending it. I’m talking about scholarships. Applying to college can be daunting, but even more so to pay for it. Unfortunately for some, funds may be holding them back from furthering not only their education, but their career as well. That’s why this higher educational funding site advertised their scholarships online.


Check out the two ads below. Which one motivates you to get back in the classroom?


The winning ad is #1. Penned by Boost Media writer “bcaraff,” it increased CTR by 97%. You might not think these ads are so different, but they are. Take a closer look.


The Original Ad

The headline of this ad is peculiar- “Women-$10,000 Scholarship.” It reads awkwardly. Does the ad only speak to female students? If so, there are a million better phrases and CTAs that would make more sense. The first line of body copy then lists three major incentives to applying for this scholarship. You know up front that there’s “No GPA, No Essay” requirement. There’s “No Hassle!” And it “Only Takes 2 Minutes to Enter.” It sounds too good to be true, like you’re entering for the lottery or something. You get caught up in how good the deal sounds that you forget what the point of the ad is really about, which is going back to college to further your education. Also, since the searcher gets all the details in the ad straight away, they may be less inclined to click on your ad and keep reading down the list of other ones.


The Winning Ad

This ad does an excellent job of following the searcher’s thought process. Imagine you’re trying to fund your way back to school and search the term “scholarships” online. You instantly see the headline of this ad. “$10,000 is a lot of money,” you think. “How can I get my hands on that?” Well, this ad tells you “It’s Now Easy.” So easy in fact, that it’s basically telling you to stop making excuses and “Go Back to College.” The first step is to“Register Now” to enter for your chance to win. You’ve taken that important step in funding your education.

Being able to entice the searcher without overloading them with all the details in an ad is crucial. It makes them want to click to learn more. You don’t want to appear desperate like some flashy commercial and show all you cards on the first play. If you can create a sense of intrigue, you can win your audience’s click.


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