“April showers bring May flowers.” – or so the proverbial rhyme goes. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much rain in Northern California this season, but that hasn’t stopped the desire for beautiful blooms. Take a look at these two ads from a online plant delivery service and decide which one inspired shoppers to brighten up their homes this spring.



The second ad takes the prize this time. Penned by Boost Media writer, “PeachTree”, this ad’s CTR rate of 11.23% beat out the original ad’s rate of 4.32%. That’s a 160% increase in CTR. Let’s pluck apart the two very different ads to understand why.


The Original Ad

What’s the first thing you notice about this ad? It’s got three numbers: a price of $19.99, a discount of 20% and a 100% delivery guarantee. Those are a lot of numbers for an ad for plants. The only thing we learn from this ad is that you’ll be saving money, but on what? There’s not a single mention of a leaf or petal. What is a low price worth if the products aren’t good quality? You might end up paying for some basic bouquet that you could pick up in any super market. And while low prices, discounts and guarantees are great incentives, they aren’t enough to convince shoppers when it comes to making purchase decisions on products that depend on quality and freshness, such as flowers and food.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

This ad, on the other hand, does a great job of creating incentive around the products. Using flowery words (pun intended) such as “beautiful” and “fertile” gets the shopper excited- but for what? The next line follows up with the actual products, the variety seasonal plants themselves. You can have any seasonal bloom, from flowers to herbs, perfectly potted in your home. This description proved to be enough to entice shoppers to choose this ad over the original. It comes to show that when writing ads, using descriptive language that stirs imagination and creates incentive resonates best with consumers.


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Photo via Madeline Milani