Although the busy holiday season is over, the new year calls for a new calendar to keep you focused. Like staying on schedule to optimize your time, focused ads and keywords help to improve an ad’s CTR by capturing the searcher’s attention. While in the market for your 2016 calendar, which ad would you click?


Ad #1
Ad #1
Ad #2


Ad #2 is the winner here! Written by Boost Media’s “aghaf9999,” the winning ad had a 200% difference from the original ad. Here’s why:

The Original Ad

With this ad, you know you are getting a great deal, but on what? With no key words referring to the calendar, the vague term “item” leaves the searcher lost. The CTA in ad #1 offers a big sale, but the CTA in ad #2 offers a sale specifically on what the searcher is in the market for.

The Boost Creative Network Ad

This headline is more specific. Shoppers want to write important dates and appointments down on their new calendar, and this headline captures their attention. To take this one step further, the advertiser includes “decorative” to help entice the searcher to click their ad. It is important to keep your ad focused in order to appeal to the searcher’s intentions.


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