These days, it’s becoming easier to start a career by learning a trade and obtaining a certification online. From photography to interior design, more and more people are hitting the web over the classroom. Take a look at these two ads from an online nutrition institute. Which one inspires you to set out to cure obesity?

If you chose the second ad, you’re already on the right path. Written by Boost Media writer, “Chigga102″, this ad’s CTR of 14.7% beat of the original ads’s rate of 5.3%- a 180% increase in CTR. Now let’s see why.




The Original Ad

Now you’d think that, above anything else, an ad for an online degree would be very motivating. Take a look at the body copy. Does it light a fire under you? Didn’t think so. You would think that there would be at LEAST one CTA in here. If anything, this ad is visually negating. I’m referring to the use of the word “No,” twice in this ad. Visually, the word “no” doesn’t turn people on. There are countless other ways you could communicate the benefits of being able to try a class, risk free, without putting down a payment method.


The Boost Creative Network Ad


This ad, on the other hand, does a great job of inspiring action. It makes not one, but three CTA’s. For obvious reasons, this works well as an advertisement for a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The CTA’s do three important things. It states:


  • What you have to do to obtain the knowledge – “Learn. “
  • Why you want to do it to begin with – to “Help Others.”
  • The first step you have to take to get there – which is to “Start Now!” (duh).


Also, framing nutrition in a creative way, such as an “Art and Science” just ads to the appeal. Exciting someone who, in this case, might only be in the research stage, is extra important in making that first click on the path to purchase.


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