It’s the first of October, and autumn is officially here. For most of us, it’s the time of year for turning leaves, chunky knit sweaters and of course, lots of filling comfort food. This season, maybe you’ll finally get around to trying one of those ambitious pumpkin recipes you saw on Pinterest. Or perhaps you’re getting ready to dominate the annual chilli cook off again. Either way, the holiday seasons call for more serious cooking, and the inner chef in you will need to be prepared. That’s why this kitchen supply retailer turned up the heat under their ads this week.


WS_winner WS_Target


Which ad gets your mouth watering? If you guessed the first one, than you know what’s cookin’.

Penned by Boost Media writer, “chigga102,” the winning ad’s CTR of 0.61% trumped the loser’s rate of 0.19%. That’s a massive 211% increase. Let’s take a look at the ingredients of the two and see why the first ad tasted better.


The Original Ad

This ad states what you’re already doing in this moment- shopping for fry and sauté pans. The term “Exclusive” might indicate that this site would offer high-caliber pans and not cheap ones that your food will stick to. But it could also be a turn off in that the products might be really expensive. Other than that, the free shipping statement composes seven words, 29 characters. You’d think the advertiser would shorten it and use the precious character space to elaborate more on the product aspects.


The Winning Ad

The winning ad does a much better job of appealing to our imaginations. Instead of stating what you’re doing in the moment (which isn’t terribly exciting), it envisions what you will be doing in the future; creating delicious meals. Consider it a call-to-future-action! And, even better, you’ll be doing it in their “Quality Cookware.” “Quality” suggests durability and that the product will last you in the seasons to come. “Exclusive” doesn’t really imply this. If anything, it suggests an expensive price tag. This ad also doesn’t waste space on the free shipping feature; a mere 4 words, 18 characters.


This comparison shows what you can accomplish with some inventive word play; a 211% CTR increase, among other things. And it’s not trickery-  both of the ad’s first lines are composed of just 5 words, but the winning one is more particular. It’s true when they say that less is more.


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