Thinking about upgrading your wheels? In the past, you most likely went to an auto dealership and shopped around with a pushy sales guy who tried to upsell you. Now, thanks to the beauty of online shopping, you can skip that whole process and virtually smell that new car scent from the comfort of your home (almost). Tons of auto sites will tell you the features up front, but rarely do they show you the benefits or help you decide on a specific choice. One U.S. auto-retailer has succeeded at doing so with the help of Boost writers.


autonation_target AutoNationwinner


Can you guess which ad got more clicks? It’s ad number 1. Crafted by Boost Media writer, “Stacey.Sekwao,” it got an action rate of 26.09%, which is a 197% increase from the original ad’s rate of 8.7%. Let’s dissect the two ads to see why.


The Original Ad

If you’ve ever searched for an auto trader company, you’ve probably seen copy like this too many times. Yes, you know they have new and pre-owned cars. You also know that they all have some sort of claim to get you the most bang for your buck; this one being in the form of a conditional money-back guarantee. There’s not much to be said here because this seems like a pretty generic, templated ad. Yawn.


The Winning Ad

This ad copy goes above and beyond the standard claims that most auto sites make. Rather than stating the obvious, this writer took a different approach. Instead of making a statement or presenting a call to action, it starts with the question, “Trying to Change Your Image?” This calls out the shopper and questions their decision to buy a new car. Are you a city-dweller fed up with your scooter? A suburban mom over your mini-van? Have you always dreamed of taking off on a whim and trekking into the wild? Or maybe you just want to look like the adventurous type. “Go Rugged” and “Be Bold’ are CTAs that inspire rather than tell you to “find” or “buy” something. And, this auto retailer has the perfect car to help you achieve this image you may be aspiring towards.


So by presenting the benefits (such as achieving a certain look) rather than common features, your ads will be more compelling and effective.


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