With a premature snowfall in Chicago this Halloween, the beginning of what could be another unpredictable winter has commenced. And with the impending cold upon us, you may already be planning your mid-winter tropical getaway. But if you’re worried about finding a bathing suit long after swim season has ended, fear not! Winter corresponds with the release of resort collections, so you’ll be able to find beachwear without a problem. Better yet, this online fashion retailer sells en vogue labels, and from the ease of your smartphone. Check out their two ads:




Which ad makes you want to whip out your little plastic card? If you chose the first,  you are correct. Penned by Boost Media writer “chigga102,” the winning ad took the lead with a CTR of 4.2%- a 309% increase over the target ad’s rate of 1.03%.


The Original Ad

The target ad immediately starts with the call to action, “Buy,” which is the obvious intention here. And buying “Hot New Styles” directly “From Your Phone,” is probably what you’ll do. This ad tries to lure you in with appeal of being fashionable and obtaining it with ease. The inclusion of “Free 2-Day Shipping & Free Returns,” is a nice feature, but again, pretty standard for online fashion retailers. The ad would be more compelling if it used the character space to give more benefits or descriptions rather than over-used call to actions and known features.


The Winning Ad

This ad does a great job of creating a specific frame of mind. Instead of demanding you to make a purchase, it uses an alternative CTA to inspire. “Stun Everyone at the Beach,” calls the consumer to think outside the box when it comes to choosing apparel. Where the first ad is generic- in that it could describe any type of apparel- this ad answers specifically to the search, which is for a bathing suit brand. It’s not until the second line that the product, “Unique Swimwear,” is introduced. This ad is a winner because it first gets the consumer thinking about the intention behind their purchase, and then leads them to the product that will help them achieve this.  The method of ordering from your phone is a nice benefit to mention, but understandably not the main concern of the ad.


Although the target ad isn’t as bad as a generic template, it still performed significantly worse than the revamped Boost ad. Examples like this prove that you’ll never know unless you test your ads!

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