With the holiday season in full throttle, your social calendar is probably packed with celebrations with friends and family. All these gatherings, be it the annual ugly sweater party or baby’s first Christmas, present the perfect occasion for photo opps. Or, perhaps you’ve got your eye on a new DSLR and want to take up photography as your new year’s resolution. Either way, photography is an ongoing art that requires skill and practice, which is why one online institution has come through to help you out.

Take a look at these two ads and determine which one motivates you to start snapping better.


Yahoo TargetWinOfWeek_Yahoo

Penned by Boost Media writer, Kristophe, ad #2 won with a CTR of 2.8%. That’s a 71% increase over ad #1’s rate of 1.6%


The Winning Ad

You’ve already got the equipment, so now the name of the game is improvement. “Hone Your Photography Skills” is exactly what you’re looking to do. But how, and where? “Easily Learn New Techniques from Home!” tells us two things: that we can do it without strain and choose our own location, because let’s face it, not many of us have time for classes. In this instance, the name of the institution doesn’t matter enough to include in the body text, because it’s online anyways. What matters is that you can improve, easily and from the comfort of home.


The Original Ad

This ad’s inclusion of the institution’s full name takes up space that could have been used to convey other details or mental triggers. Providing a “Free Catalogue” isn’t much more of an incentive, because you can probably get most of the details you need from the website.


In this case, the more descriptive, the better. Wasting text space on things like company names or standard offers don’t help the consumer find what they really want, which are any extra benefits a company can provide in addition to fulfilling a given need.

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