This weekend brings about another greeting card holiday- Valentine’s Day. Cue the stereotypical imagery: gooey couples, chocolate strawberries, over-priced dinners, nude cherubs with bows and arrows, hearts galore, etc. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t escape it, especially online. Promotions are popping up everywhere for those last minute shoppers looking for “something special” for their “special someone.” That’s just it; “special.” Shoppers are going to be looking for the least clichéd, individual gifts that will convey just how much their partner means to them. That’s why one online gift retailer stepped up their game this V-Day to make sure you didn’t get put in the doghouse for a cruddy gift.


Take a look at these two PPC ads. Which one seems more convincing?





If you picked ad #2, you are correct. Penned by Boost Media writer “pinkzebra82,” the winning ad’s CTR of 0.94% beat out the original ad’s rate of 0.42%; a whopping 122% difference. Let’s dissect the two ads and see why.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

The winning ad, or Boost Creative Network ad, does a very good job of creating emotion. Nobody wants to give a boring gift that could end up being re-gifted. “Give Her a Gift She Will Treasure,” appeals more to the shopper’s sentiments and gets them thinking about what’s important- their partner, more so than the gift itself. But this ad is saying that by customizing a personal gift, you’re giving her something that she can cherish, knowing that it’s one of a kind. The added feature of free shipping doesn’t hurt either.


The Original Ad

This ad on the other hand, conveys intent. “Expert Personalization” and “Fast Ship[ping],” are nice benefits, but these phrases don’t exactly get you in the right mindset. They make it sound like it’s more important to find something, name it, and get it fast- for the sake of doing so. Kind of takes the thought and feeling out of customizing a gift, doesn’t it? Not terribly romantic. The second line, “Unforgettable Valentines Day Gifts,” is a nice description, but one adjective didn’t cut it for this ad.

This ad is a perfect example of emotion versus intent. Ads should inspire us, get us to think, and make us shop with a purpose. Who knows, perhaps you’ll start thinking this way about Valentine’s Day now.


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