This season has a seen a large increase in searches for body products. Perhaps the dry winter months have got us looking for the best products to keep our skin smooth. From oils to butters, consumers are always on the lookout for the most effective yet organic things. That’s why one cosmetic company upped their appeal. Take a look at these two ads for shae butter and decide which one would is the winner of this week’s contest.


WinOfWeekSheaTARGETWinOfWeekSheaWIN copy

Written by Boost Media writer, “Koresh,” the ad on the right had a winning CTR of 1.6%. Compared to left ad’s rate of 0.9%, the winning ad saw a 72% CTR increase. Here’s why:


The Winning Ad

These days, skin care is all about being “natural,” a key word used in this ad. Also, ideas of untapped secrets, from Moroccan oil to Mediterranean sea salt, sound appealing to consumers. This ad taps into that foreign aspect of shea butter by including that it has been “Used in Africa for Centuries.” Not only will this product moisturize your skin, but it will also “Nourish” and “Protect” it. The more benefits, the better.


The Original Ad

This ad lacks the descriptive benefits that the first ad gives. All the searcher knows is that it’s “Naturally Moisturizing.” They don’t know where it comes from or what other benefits it can provide- two things consumers of nutritional and cosmetic products like to know. Also, including the name of the retailer is of lesser relevance. The name of the product is also included in the body of the ad copy- this wasted character space could have been better used to include more features and benefits.

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