Where did we come from? This is a question we’ve all surely asked ourselves a time or two before. Search engines are now a more common place to go to dig up information and records on our family members. That’s why this ancestral analysis website improved their ad game to attract those curious seekers.

Take a look at these two PPC ads. Which one triggers your curiosity?




Ad #2 is the winner here. Written by Boost Media writer, “larazza” the winning ad had a CTR of 4.03%.  Compared to the original ad’s rate of 1.98%, we saw a 104% increase in CTR. Here’s why:


The Original Ad

This ad provides no detail as to what the site does or what the incentive to using it might be. All we know is that it’s a popular service and is decently priced.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

This ad does a great job of listing some of the benefits to ancestral tracing. You’re gaining more than just names, dates, or locations. It presents the idea that you’re doing something personally meaningful by “discovering ” and “exploring” your family’s unique lineage. Including details like pricing or company description have proved to be much less important.


The more creative an ad, the more persuasive it will be. That’s why you should always test and improve your ads to increase clicks and conversions.


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