When it comes to vacations, we want to enjoy them as much as possible without breaking our bank accounts. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the best deals and opportunities to save without compromising leisure. One travel reservations company, who was promoting cruise deals, tailored their ads to the savvy traveler.

Take a look at these two PPC ads. Keep in mind both ads are headlining for the same thing- affordable cruises from Charleston.


target_cruise winner_cruise


Which ad do you think won? The correct answer is the second ad. Written by Boost Media writer, “ChrisPascle,” this ad’s CTR of 5.4% beat out the original’s ad if 3.4%. That’s a 59% increase in CTR. Let’s pick apart the two ads and see why.


The Original Ad

Unlike the target ads in some of the more recent contests we’ve seen, this isn’t a generic or stuffy ad. In fact, it seems pretty catchy. “Sail the High Seas!” is likely to get you in the mood to cruise. It also offers the features of “Cheap” and “Best Rates,” so you know you’ll be saving money.


The Winning Ad

This ad, like the first, is still geared towards saving you money. But instead of the generic phrases such as “best offer” or “save money,” the benefit is proposed more creatively. “Leave the Port in Charleston w/ More Cash,” sounds like a double win- you get to enjoy your vacation without carrying the guilt of having overspent.


It’s worth noting that both these ads had the same number of actions; 54. The winning ad still performed better although it had fewer impressions, thus, giving it the higher CTR.


The (Newest) Winning Ad

However, there’s a twist. We love to continually test, and there’s always room for improvement. The winning was tested against another Boost-ified ad, and found a new winner was found.




Written by “PeachTree,” the latest winning ad saw a 62% increase in CTR over the preceding ad. This ad conveys the potential timeliness of the offer, because they have deals “You Don’t Want to Miss.” This ad demonstrates that (a) an ad that works one week may not work the next as the market changes and that (b) ads can always be better, which is why it’s so important to continually test.


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