If you’ve ever planned a party, you know it takes a lot of thought and attention to detail. From weddings to bar mitzfahs, blogs and inspiration sites are now standard search engine go tos when looking for unique ideas. That’s why one custom gift website stepped up their creative appeal to catch our eyes.


Take a look at these two PPC ads. Which one stands out to you?


The first ad is the winner here. Penned by Boost Media writer, “kimjade” its CTR of 3.82% beat out the second ad’s rate of 1.47%. That’s a staggering 159% increase in CTR. Take a peep at the two and see why.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

Imagine that you’re throwing a 60th birthday party for a family member, maybe your mother or an uncle. That ad gets you in a specific mindset- that you’re throwing a party for a specific occasion. You want it to be special and “unique-“ unlike any previous birthday parties you may have thrown. How can you make it as special as possible? One way is to “Create Fun Invitations Now!” The word “Create” is a great CTA. Shoppers like having options, and the power of easy and instant personalization is one of the great features of e-commerce sites.


The Original Ad

Unlike the winning ad, this ad is not geared towards a specific event. The body copy could easily apply to a wedding or bar mitzvah. “Easy, Fun & Affordable” are all great incentives, but weren’t enough in this contest. That’s why ads should always be as particular as possible.


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