One of the best parts of living in California is its mild winters. Luckily, most of us here don’t have to deal with shoveling driveways or torrential storms. But for many Bay Area snow bunnies, the Sierra Mountains are just a few hours drive away. When the powder is plentiful, the roads pack up with city slickers who are eager to hit the slopes. That’s why one automotive equipment retailer upgraded their ad campaign.
Check out these two PPC ads. Which one would you trust to keep you safe on the road?


Ad #1 is the winner here. Written by Boost Media writer, “chigga102,” this ad had a CTR of 1.4%. Compared to the original ad’s rate of 0.9%, this contest saw a 56% increase in CTR. Let’s pick a part the two ads and see why.


The Original Ad

This ad tells us just two things: that 1) they’ve got a “Huge selection” of equipment at b) “Discount prices.” No descriptions are listed, benefits fixed or any other incentives given to motivate. There isn’t even a CTA to try to compel you to make such an important purchase. After all, you are buying a safety necessity.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

This ad, on the other hand, makes two CTA’s. However, the most compelling part of this ad is its descriptions of the product: “Amazing” and “Life Saving.” These adjectives do a great job of creating incentive and generating emotional appeal. You get the sense that they do not just have a “Huge” selection of tires chains, but rather, a high quality one that you can trust to safeguard your life. Ultimately, this key benefit proves to be the winning factor, versus quantity and price.


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