Whether you’re new to tax sales or an experienced investor, you know that you have to pounce on properties when the opportunity strikes. But how do you know when the right time is? What if your best chances are before or after the sale? These are issues that one tax sale property site has solutions for. Check out these two ads and decide which one will help you purchase property, timely and easily.




If you picked the first ad, you’ll be sure to beat the competition. Written by Boost Media writer ‘erinista,’ this ad had a CTR of 1.4%, while the original ad had a rate of 0.43%. That’s a 222% increase. Let’s pick apart the two ads and see why.


The Winning Ad

Buying property in auctions sounds like a hassle with all the bidding, waiting and competition. This ad squashes those fears right away with the definitive statements of “Never Bid for a Property” and “Say Goodbye to Bidding and Waiting.” In that case, you can forget everything you thought you knew and hated about property buying. Instead of starting with a question, as most ads of this type do, it offers alternatives and a solution. So you know that if you want to get property fast, and in th is case, “Days on Weeks,” the first step is to stop bidding and waiting. The attraction to this ad stems from some special solution or alternative to the normal methods, which clearly has intrigued buyers to click and find out how.


The Original Ad

Similar to the winning ad, this one causes you to rethink your original intentions. “About to bid 4 Assets?” Yes, but is the bidding going on in a chat room? If I click it, will some obnoxious window pop up? Something about the number substitution for the lettered word itself already seems unprofessional and even scammy. It tells you to “Wait” to avoid all the usual bothers. But is waiting really all it takes? Immediately following is the phrase “Get Report.” What kind of report? In the case where you want answers and alternatives, this ad only tells you to “Wait” and “Get Report,” (where’s the ‘a’?). The newer ad proves successful because it clearly states what you need to do to reach your goal. It also tells you to stop waiting, where as this ad tells you to wait. To wait or to not wait? That is the question. In this case, if it means acquiring property fast, we’d rather not.

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