After the holiday season, more than a few of us are probably a little reluctant to get back to work. But can you imagine what it’s like for a kid? After all the Santa Claus-induced excitement, you’d be less than thrilled to swap your toys for textbooks. That’s why one educational resource website stepped up to help teachers get their students back in the learning game. Take a look at these two ads and decide which one was is the winner of this week’s token analysis.


WinOfWeekHoughtonMifflin(WIN) WinOfWeekHoughtonMifflin[target]


If you guessed ad #1, you’d definitely be the ‘cool teacher’ on campus. Penned by Boost Media writer ‘Kristofe,’ ad #1’s CTR of 5.8% trumped ad #2’s rate of 0.35%; a CTR increase of 1552%. Let’s take a look at the two ads to see why.


The Winning Ad

My aunt is a 5th grade teacher. Her pupils love her because she keeps her lessons fun and interesting. It takes a lot of creativity and enthusiasm to keep a bunch of 10-11 year olds engaged. “Engage” is the key word in this ad. Teachers want to “Engage” their students with the “Top Resources” today; which stems beyond the original paper/pencil days and into the digital sphere. This website isn’t just offering the required teaching materials, but rather, the opportunity for teachers to “Discover” their own “5th Grade Curriculum Now.”


The Original Ad

Compare this to the original ad. “Buy Worksheets, Textbooks, & More!” This line just screams fun, doesn’t it? Even if you are a teacher buying traditional teaching materials, you’re supposed to make it seem more fun than it really is- which is what this ad fails to do. This ad sets this website up as a place where one can “Find” all the necessary resources, instead of creating a place for educators to “Discover” and create a unique curriculum.


In a way, we consumers are like school children. We want our buying experience to be as dynamic and fun as possible- whether we are buying new duds or car insurance. The ads that appeal to our imaginations always perform better; which is why you should always test your ads.


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