Ah, Europe. If you’ve been, you know that the Euros are notorious for their unique style, tiny cars and, of course, great coffee. No self-respecting Frenchman or Italian goes without at least 4 caffeinated intakes a day- and they certainly don’t take it in the form of a whatever- flavoured- something-cino from a franchise. Coffee time is a cultural ritual, a habitual experience that is a necessary part of daily life. And thanks to the advent of instant espresso makers that require minimal effort, more Americans are learning to do coffee the right way.

That’s why we’ve compared two ads for espresso accessories from a national kitchen retailer. The past wins have pretty much been no-brainers, so this week, we’re making the competition a little bit tighter.  Let’s take a look.


EspressoWInner espressoLoser


Which of these two ads inspire the inner barista within you? Penned by Boost Media writer, “JudyJudy44,” ad #1 won with an astounding 559% increase in CTR. Let’s take a look and see why.


The Original Ad

This ad states what the consumer is actively trying to do by buying espresso accessories- “Make the Perfect Espresso.” By buying accessories- such as frothers, thermometers or simply pods- you don’t have to spend $5 on a latte every morning. So what’s wrong with this ad? Well, you might have searched for “Espresso Accessories,” so the same search phrase doesn’t need to be in both the headline and description. Nor is the name of the retailer necessary since it is in the link. There’s a huge opportunity to get creative in ad for a product such as this.


The Winning Ad

Remember how I explained the importance of coffee as a ritual? This ad conveys this idea perfectly by giving it a name. Do you want to take a mediocre coffee break or indulge in an “Espresso Experience?” We’ll take the latter, thank you very much. Ads that inspire, that make you think outside the box and put you in a different mindset, are always more successful. The use of alliteration does this- “Enhance” your “Espresso Experience” with “Extras.” It’s catchy, and helps the coffee connoisseur visualise what they will be accomplishing when they buy espresso accessories. DKI is a great time saver in this case, since the shopper could be searching for any number of espresso accessories.  Also, the short note about free shipping is helpful in this instance, since it isn’t always a standard feature when buying equipment.

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