Take a look at these 2 PPC ads. Which one do you reckon is this week’s winner?



This should be a no-brainer. The ad on the right is clearly “it.”

The Boost optimized ad, now called the Boost Creative Network Ad, was written by “dale00.” Its CTR of 8.1% squashed the original ad’s rate of 4.9%; a 65% difference in CTR. Compare the two PPC ads to see why:


The Boost Creative Network Ad

Why do we buy clothes in the first place? This ad works to appeal to the shopper’s inner motives. Unless you live in a sunny, sub-tropical place, the change of seasons prompts a change of wardrobe. When it comes to swapping sweaters for shorts (which is what San Franciscans gleefully did last weekend), online shoppers look to e-tailers for inspiration, whether they know it or not. “Update Your Wardrobe” with the “Latest Collection” is a more appealing way of hooking a shopper and suggesting them to think about buying clothes for more than just the sake of, well, buying clothes. With the right messaging, online shopping ads are becoming more inviting and less generic. The shopper is being sold an image, one of self transformation. That being said, compare this to the original ad:


The Original Ad

This ad is stark contrast, as it excludes any creative incentives. This is a common, run of the mill ad. Only the two most standard features of online retailers are listed; free shipping and returns. No other description is given nor is incentive created- something that is especially important when it comes to advertising just brand names instead of brand names and specific items.


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