With the holiday season in full force, many of us are starting to feel the effects. Maybe the cold weather has you cooped up on the couch watching cheesy Christmas rom-coms, or you’ve been hitting that cheese platter a little too hard at parties. Either way, pounds seem to add up during the winter months. Come New Years Day, it’s time to start making and acting upon those resolutions. If getting in better shape is on your to-do list, there are hundreds of ways to do so. How does one choose? One fitness company pumped up their ad game just in time.


WinOfWeek_MUSCLE target WinOfWeek_MUSCLE winner


Which ad gets you motivated to start moving? If you picked ad number 2, you’re on your way to a 6-pack in no time (or at least getting in the mindset)! The original ad had a meager 0.3% CTR, but the boosted ad, penned by Boost Media writer, ‘jessicablizzard,” performed significantly better. Its CTR of 4.9% determined a staggering 1,501% CTR increase. Talk about getting major results.


The Winning Ad

Fitness companies are notorious for making outrageous claims in their ads. From pills to pulleys, there are (supposedly) a million ways to get in shape. Ads can either give you their plan straight up or intrigue you with an offer. In the case of these two ads, luring the consumer’s attention with more attractive words proved to be successful. Instead of stating, “get ripped” right away, it presented an alternative approach. “Learn the Secrets” gets the consumer thinking that perhaps this company can offer something previously unthought-of of or tried. And not only will you get in shape, but it’ll take you to the next level of “getting ripped,” with a “Body Sculpting Workout.” In the case of this ad, getting creative with word choices and offering alternative approaches garnered more clicks from interested consumers.


The Original Ad

This ad took a totally different approach. Right away, the cards are laid on the table. To “Get Ripped,” all it takes is “12 Workouts and A Nutrition Plan.” We also know that it only costs around $40. With this information in plain sight, there’s little incentive to click the ad, and the consumer is more inclined to keep looking at other offers. As we’ve seen in past ‘wins,’ creative ads that coax and invite consumers to enter into an idea, rather than just a product, perform better.


Truthfully, both of these ads could be appeal to different types of people. Some prefer to get the information right away, while others are tempted by ideas. The only way to know for sure is to keep testing your ads.

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